Suzanne Poissant Modiste As I say to everyone: ‘I was born with a needle in the hand “. My mother, being a dressmaker and artist of the pencil and the brush, transmitted me her knowledge and her passion. My name is Suzanne and I was born in Montreal. I invite you to make an overflight of the challenges who led me to my profession, i.e. milliner.
Four years later, I was sample maker for this same company of sports clothing which manufactured all, from the bathing suits to the ski suits. At the end of a certain time, this work had become an annoying routine. Always, while working, I wondered: “What am I doing here?” I thus went to seek an employment in an haute couture boutique. At this designer, I only made individually designed and fitted gown. It was another marvellous challenge, but after a few years, the circumstances of the life obliged me to leave this employment. Thereafter, I was registered with the College Marie Victorin in hat making and, there I discovered a true passion. I adore making hats, to imagine new models and to create my own patterns. I then decided to go for a great adventure.

Very young, I learned how to sew, embroider, knit, etc… At the end of my secondary studies, the guidance counselor of the school suggested me to take clock industry courses and the idea pleaded me. I went to the commercial trades school to register, but the professor did not want of a girl in his class, where there were only boys. He sent me directly to the class where were the inscriptions for the professional sewing courses. And it had left for the fashion sketches, the garment construction, professional sewing techniques, etc… At 17 years, my diploma in hand, whereas I made applications, employers were laughing at me by saying to me that I did not have any experience and that my diploma was worthless. Finally, an employer close to my home engaged me… to cut threads! I accepted with a specific idea in the head: “I will show them what I am able to do”. It was my first great challenge.

At your service since 1992